What I Can Do With the Photos?

What Can I Do with the Photos?

The photos are primarily for the development of your own simulations and training materials. They are not for resale and cannot be given to others. Please see our Terms of Service for a more detailed explanation of applicable uses and restrictions.

The photos in our packages contain multiple views which allow you to provide more context and create more detailed scenarios. The variety of pictures within each set can be used to develop training across a wide range of applications from basic company exercises to promotional evaluations. Some of the photo packages include reusable components such as vehicle and equipment cut-outs that can be placed into background pictures for added realism.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions concerning use of Photos4Sims™ photos or other materials.

Why Does Photos4Sims™ Exists?

Simulations based on real-world conditions in your area provide a unique training experience. A simulation software program, therefore, should make it easy for you to use your own pictures of local buildings. Sometimes, however, you may not have easy access to the kind of pictures you need. Perhaps you want to produce a simulation of a particular building type or you would like to include interior views for an exercise.  Photos4Sims™ provides a quick resource to the kind pictures you need, when you need them.

Photos4Sims is unlike other photo sharing websites that may only contain stock photos of single views. Our picture sets include multiple views that make creating walkarounds and walkthroughs easy. Photos4Sims includes hard-to-get photos of specialized emergency situations, insertable apparatus pictures, and other industry specific materials.

Photos4Sims is a dynamic photo resource library conceived by instructors and sim developers. Pictures included in our packages have been reviewed and, in most cases, include higher resolution original pictures, wide-screen pictures formatted specially for use in SimsUshare applications, as well as thumbnails.

Do you have pictures or other materials?

If you are a photographer, instructor, or fellow sim developer, and have your own set of photos or related materials you want to contribute to Photos4Sims, please Contact Us.  We look forward to hearing from you!